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Merseyside Potters Message Board

Introduced nearly four years ago the Merseyside Potters MessageBoard has been fun and at times provided a quieter escape from busier boards. However, after long deliberation on the matter the time has arrived and is right for the board to close....

The decision does NOT effect the main site, which will continue, indeed quite the opposite, as more time will be spent improving and preparing articles for the main site...

however, with the Oatieboard having apparently come through a transitional and disruptive time I like others have returned.. though clearly not to the same level as I once posted on there.. others  have clearly moved on from football messageboards

That added to the end of another season being in sight and 3 week trip to South America taking in Argentina , Brazil ,Paraguay and Uruguay beckoning , from where it may be difficult to moderate the board as I'd wish the time seems right to take the board down.

I've enjoyed the Boards presence immensely , I really times it filled a void in what was a difficult time personally...

But more than that I've enjoyed the people who dropped by , many of whom were some of the older lads from the Talbot and days down the Vic days .... but it was also nice to 'meet' some of the new generation FentonYouth and Ash to name just two.. and realise Stoke will be in good hands in years to come.

A huge THANK-YOU to everyone who posted on the board even those I disagreed with, your presence reaffirmed my long held view that Stokies and Potteries people in general are a fantastic bunch and amongst the best supporters and warmest people in the country.

Thanks for visiting

Scouse ( admin)